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Thread: Big Disappointment At Harrah's socal FUNNER rincon

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    My brother reserved a room at Harrah's Socal this past Wednesday for 2 nights.
    When we arrived at approx 4:00 pm the diamond lounge was closed. We checked in with Laura at the front desk.
    Laura told us that even though I am a Diamond card player that we would not have FREE wi-fi and would not have late
    check-out that is normally given to diamond players because I was not on the original reservation. What a disappointment.

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    Have Diamond player typically gotten free Wifi? I thought that was a Seven Stars thing.

    You probably could have fought the late checkout thing. The name on the original reservation shouldn't matter, especially if you're willing to change the room to your name.

    The hotel front desk used to have a lot of issues when I used to go there years ago. Supposedly they improved, but perhaps not.

    Did you ask for a manager? "Laura" may have been talking out of her ass.

    Here's an entertaining story from 5 years ago, which you might enjoy:!-quot
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    Yup, service at the front desk there used to be laughably bad. Almost guaranteed something simple/trivial would be screwed up. Even calling down to the front desk or room service, guaranteed you would wait on hold for 15 minutes. It was easier to text a host than calll the front desk for most requests.

    My worst experiences don’t compare to Dan’s, but one funny one—I was there on a multi day stay, sent out some laundry on day 1, it never came back—-calling/inquiring every day became more and more aggravating since no one knew anything about it...on checkout day, of course the charges were on the bill but I still didn’t have the clothes! I explained he situation one last time and finally they had to fedex the things back to me about a week later. In subsequent stays, it seemed like they did away with their dry cleaning service altogether.

    I haven’t been there in years, hopefully things have improved.

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    Here's another LOL Rincon story -- this time regarding the spa cheating me out of time:!
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    Another good Harrah's Rincon front desk story:

    I think this was around 2013. It was before the new tower was built.

    I was driving from Vegas to Harrah's Rincon overnight. I was going to arrive at Harrah's around 4am.

    While driving through the dark desert, I called and got the front desk. I wanted them to block off a desired room type, and have it ready for me by the time I got in. I was still about 3 hours away from getting there, which I told them.

    Basically I wanted them to put me in the low-rise tower (I think it was called Garden back then), on the top floor, away from the elevator, and not facing the street. I also wanted a king bed, non-smoking. "Top floor" wasn't a difficult request, because I think the building only has 3 floors.

    Anyway, at first the call went smoothly. They understood my preferences, put me on hold a bit, and came back telling me it was blocked off. I was satisfied, and thought the matter was complete.

    Then about 20 minutes later, I realized I had forgotten to ask if the room had a refrigerator, so I called back, expecting to request one if there wasn't one in the room.

    Well, to my shock, when I called back, they pulled up my reservation and told me that no room was assigned to me yet!

    I told them about my call just 20 minutes earlier, and they found no record of it. I was frustrated, but at least I was driving and didn't have anything better to do, so I repeated the whole thing again. The person then put me on hold while they went to "look for a room of that type".

    I sat for like 20 minutes on hold, and the person never returned. I hung up and called back a third time. This time I got the original person I spoke to on the first call. I explained what was happening, and they said that they'd look into it and fix it for me.

    15 minutes of hold, never came back.

    I hung up and called a 4th time.

    I got another person this time, and by this point I was pissed and wanted to know what was going on.

    "Sir, we are just trying to find a room for you which meet your criteria", the woman told me.

    "What about the room that you blocked off before? What happened to it?"

    She wouldn't answer, and kept repeating that they're "trying to help me". Then she wanted to put me on hold again. I told her that I didn't want to be put on hold, because every time they leave me there and never return.

    "I'll come back on within 3 minutes, I promise," she said.

    I agreed.

    15 minutes passed, she didn't return.


    I called back a 5th time. At this point I had figured out what occurred, and what was going on.

    "I know what's happening here," I told them. "Someone accidentally gave away the room promised to me, and everyone is trying to cover for each other. Every time I'm on hold for a long time, you're scrambling to find a replacement room, and you're not coming up with anything. And nobody wants to get back on the line to face me and admit this, correct?"

    "Yes, sir, that's mostly correct. We're really sorry," she said. "We didn't save the room accidentally, and it got given out by another front desk employee, and by the time we realized it, it was too late. We've been trying to find a room for you, though. That's what we've been doing here for the past hour."

    "So why not just admit this to me? Why the endless hold just to get rid of me?"

    "I apologize. We shouldn't have done that. We were just trying to find a way to solve this."

    I told her that the dishonesty and the intentional "disappear while on hold" move was what bothered me most. I said that I would have been annoyed by the error giving away my room, but it wouldn't have been nearly as big of a deal if they hadn't wasted an hour of my time attempting to lie to me about it and stall me.

    "I want you to watch every checkout for the next 2 hours and see if one matches this room type, and if it is, then send up a maid immediately and get it ready. Can you do that?", I asked.

    "Yes, we will," she responded.

    Well, they found a room somehow, because when I got there, I was surprised to find that I was assigned exactly the type of room I had asked for in the first place.

    LOL Harrah's Rincon
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