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Thread: 1992 WSOP final table video

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    Supposedly this was filmed but there seems to be nothing I can find about it on the internet. Anyone ever seen it or know where it can be found?

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    I was at the 1992 WSOP and watched the final table. In those days they started the final table with six players. I remember five of them. Dave Crunkleton and Clyde Coleman showed up wearing bib overhauls. They went out sixth and fifth. Tuna Lund went out 3rd. Tom Jacobs came 2nd. Hamid Dastmalchi won it.
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    Of course you were mickey. You did your research and chose to make your make-believe post. And who else would claim to have been "involved" with some inconsequential gaming event in 1992 than someone consumed with the past? I like the Tuna touch too. A dead drunken bum who killed himself. Your hero

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