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Thread: New software update for that underwater game that kills it?

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    Saw on the twatters someone posted a video of what looked like a popular AP game with an underwater theme, and the special part of the game no longer persisting between spins. Anyone else encounter this?

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    No. But I heard about it.
    Hate crime hoaxes? The left's demand for biggots greatly exceeds the supply.

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    Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    No. But I heard about it.
    Of COURSE you have

    Let me guess--you're busy frantically looking it up so you can post more about it and make the gushing AP's here think you're the bomb!

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    But the difference is Mickey, Pepe, myself and others know EXACTLY what he is talking about and you have no clue.

    Sadly I think you will see more of this in the future due to a few assholes ruining it for everyone.

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