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Thread: Wow! Winning Session On Roulette today! :D

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    Roulette Session went from being a losing Session to a Winning Session at Roulette today! I had a big paycheck again and rather than spend $150 on Lottery tickets that LOST, like I foolishly did when I got a big paycheck in July, I decided this time to be a bit more rational this time. I played $40 in Lottery, and $20 in Roulette. That $20 was gone soon, and I did a single walk of shame to the ATM. I withdrew $60(Still $30 less than that stupid $150 I blew in Lottery) I played $10 bet in Roulette on Red/2nd 12, and got decent return when Red/2nd 12 showed up. I did this like twice and again got a decent return. I won the $40 back I gambled in Lottery, the original $20 lost in Roulette and the $60 I withdrew from the ATM. Plus more, so I had a good Winning Session. I ended up leaving altogether with roughly $190! Or $70 up!

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    Enjoy it while you can.

    Remember, recreational gamblers like you and I will lose in the long run.

    Which is cool if you consider the losses as your cost of entertainment.
    What, Me Worry?

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