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    I just love the concept of the new movie War Horse which comes out Christmas Day. I love horse movies, and horse stories. I guess it started with The Lone Ranger and Silver. My Friend Flicka was a great TV show. Seabiscuit was the last horse racing movie I saw.

    But most of my life was spent watching early westerns where horses were tripped by wires during battles between cowboys and Indians, or during battles between the North and the South, and ever since then I was almost "conditioned" to think that every horse running fast was doomed to fall.

    So as I watch the commercials and trailers for the new movie War Horse I get hit with a wave of fear that the horse is about to hit a trip wire and fall.

    I always thought that trip wires were outlawed but there are reports that even in the 1980s trip wires were used to bring horses down.

    I sure hope nothing happens to the War Horse. And to all the other horses too. Just seeing a horse at full gallop makes me fear for the horse.

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    I too am looking forward to this movie. I've never owned a horse but I love a good horse story. In my mind, the movie Secretariat was more interesting than any people movie because it was about the greatest living athlete of all time.

    I read where 10 million horses were killed in WWI. More barbaric a conflict than I thought. And think of all the burgers that went to waste if that's accurate.

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