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    I've said many times that I despise the use of the word "ploppies" or "squares" to describe inexperienced or stubbornly uneducated casino players. Using jargon does not elevate the speaker. The inexperienced and uneducated deserve terminology without negative connotations.

    I hereby nominate the phrase "casino philanthropists" as a substitute. It recognizes the value of the heretofore "ploppies" and "squares" by designating their activities as a positive thing -- both for the casinos and, obliquely, other players. So please, the next time you're about to write "ploppy," at least consider the phrase "casino philanthropist." Words can hurt, and meanings matter.

    In the same vein, I have been very supportive of Argentino's "Rob Singer" and his NFL handicapping foray. Rob has said he'll be at 60% ATS when the NFL season concludes, and I believe him. To help him focus on this goal, I suggest everyone add a couple of words when referencing "Rob Singer." My suggestion is to call him, "Rob 60% Singer." If you say it, there's an alliteration to it that is actually quite catchy. Just treat "60%" as if it's his middle name. My hope is that, as "Rob" focuses more on the NFL, the "Singer" pseudonym will fall away, and we can all just call him "Sixty" for short.

    You're welcome. And Merry Christmas!

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    What, Me Worry?

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    We can call Singer "Sixty" now, based on his IQ.

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    I agree with your accessment. In the video game world they call the novice players ”newbies” or “newbs”

    How about “gambling enthusiasts”?

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    LA Gus, your term "gambling enthusiasts" is not demeaning enough for the combatants on this forum. LOL

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    Plenty of casino philanthropists are NOT newbies.

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    I’m sure your right. But we certainly do t want to discourage the enthusiasts. After all they keep the lights on at night

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    True. Should have phrased it better. I was specifically referring to the lack of quality experience

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