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Thread: Wise Guys Contest Notes

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    Just in case one or two of you are following me in the invitation-only Wise Guys Contest, I am going to do as I did last year and recommend, since the college regular season has ended, to either not play my Wise Guys games or dramatically reduce them. I basically have 12 weeks of plays, and the contest, unfortunately for me, is 18 weeks, so from here on I'm more or less using NFL games and flipping coins. I did tease out two college games this week, but they are not really plays.

    Last year I reached this juncture at 18-6, and then finished up 23-13. This year I'm 14-10, and it's not going to be any easier down the stretch.

    Cumulatively, the Wise Guys contestants have had a very good year to this point. The overall record is 622-554 ATS. That is more impressive than it appears, as the Wise Guys Contest forces you to use a particular Monday line, and you are locked into that line. Since line shopping in college football is huge, it's likely shopping during the week would have boosted the Wise Guys cumulative record by at least 15-20 games.

    Once again, don't play my remaining games for anything serious.

    I'm already looking forward to next season. Have a good off-season, folks.

    Bob Dietz

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    Wrapping up: I am 21-13 ATS with one week (two games) remaining. I was 23-13 last season, tying for third. The Wise Guys have done extremely well this year, and I am nowhere near cashing.

    I will post a season-to-date cumulative record for all Wise Guys when I get the report this week. That will wrap up this topic.

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