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Thread: Trick to Max Out Access to CET Diamond Shows

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    As many of you know, if you are Diamond Tier level or above in the Ceasars Empire and visit Vegas, you are entitled two complimentary Diamond Shows a month. While many of these shows are level B or C type shows, the most sought after free shows are often sold out on the weekends I visit. This has caused my family a level of frustration. This weekend I visited Vegas by myself for Great Gift Wrap on December 2 and came to know some tricks to get access to shows I want to attend.

    The first thing to keep in mind is that the CET boothlings often don’t know that the rules are so don’t take “no”right away. In my case, I went to the Total Rewards desk at Bally’s asked what complimentary Diamond Shows they had. She handed me a paper with almost all shows crossed off and said the one crossed off were sold out. Mind you my guess is that I probably could have purchased tickets for cash, it is just that the Diamond level tickets inventory as exhausted. But and told the boothling that I was coming back to Vegas with the wife in mid-December and wanted to get vouchers from her to swap them for tickets in the ticket booth for mid-December. She said that she was pretty sure that vouchers had to be used within a couple of days so that would not work, but she did say you could ask the employees in the ticket booth. I took one look at the long line at the ticket booth, there was even a line for Seven Stars, and decided to go the Great Gift Wrap event and defer my quest for the tickets.

    That afternoon, I was in Ceasars Palace and saw a ticket sales booth near the Mesa Grill next to the Colosseum Theater. But when I got to that boothling, she said they did not deal in Diamond Show tickets – looked like Maria Carey tickets only to me. But she suggested I go to the Total Rewards booth across the hall and make inquiries.

    So with little confidence in success, I got in line and then talked to the Boothling at Total Rewards at Ceasars Palace, near where the Shadow Bar was located. The Boothling told me that as long as it is the same month, and I exchanged my vouchers with 3 days for Diamond Show tickets, I could get Diamond Show tickets anytime that month – subject to availability. Then she asked “would you like me to print out the vouchers now?” HA—would I! I was then told to take the two vouchers to the ticket booth in Ceasars Palace near the Searsucker Restaurant.

    I then tucked the newly printed ticket vouchers in the crook of my arm across my chest and sprinted (not really) to the Searsucker Restaurant. I then spotted a lonely woman manning one computer terminal in an alcove across from the Seersucker restaurant. There was no line and I never saw another patron approach this well camouflaged boothling. She said that unlike other ticket booths, there was rarely a line here. She then looked up the mid-December WOW show availability and said she would give me the best available seats, printed them out and I soon had them in my hot little hand. So I now have a surprise for the wife next time we visit Vegas. Moreover, we will actually be staying in the Wynn that weekend, but since I will not be swiping my Seven Stars card on the show date, I doubt I will even be tripped on a weekend I will be seeing a Diamond Show – bonus for me!

    So you can spot it in Ceasars, below is are photos of the ticket alcove, with the nervous boothling wondering why I am talking her photo. A photo of Searsucker restaurant is across the walkway. So If you are going to visit Vegas again the same month, you can get Diamond show tickets to the more coveted shows with some planning.

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    Nice trick, FAB.

    I believe that vouchers normally last for 7 days. At least it was that way last time I got those Diamond free show tickets.

    So if I'm to understand correctly, that one little booth by Searsucker will give you Diamond show tickets in advance for any time during the month?

    BTW, another trick involves using the end/beginning of the month trick.

    Since these benefits are monthly, you can get one set of vouchers at the end of the month, and two more at the beginning.

    For example, if I wanted 4 tickets to Penn and Teller for December 2, I could get 2 on November 30 and 2 on December 1, and then redeem them at the box office for 4 tickets on December 2 (since they each last 7 days).
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    Hi Dan:

    I do believe that as long as you exchange a voucher within a few days, you can get a ticket good for later that month. I am not sure whether that little booth is the only place to issue, but I can assure you it is least busy Diamond ticket booth I have ever seen. Thanks for the strategy on straddling the months to get two sets of tickets.

    Attached are images of the tickets for a show in two weeks which are good for the WOW show I will attend.

    I have never been able to get WOW shows on any of my previous trips as they were all "sold out" during my time there.

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    After you get a voucher from total Rewards, in any LV location, you have three days to get tickets at a box office. You can then redeem the vouchers for an available show in the current month. Yes, CET makes you jump through hoops. Is it worth it for the shows they make available? Up to you.

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    Not recently, but in 2016 and 2017, (as 7 stars) I just went up to total rewards at CP and said, “Do I have any comp tickets for the high roller?” Every time, yes...for the bar car...and I suspect they just charged it to my “free show of the month” since I did it multiple times in the same year.

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    High Roller tickets used to be available monthly for Seven Stars, but that goes back at least a year when Caesars was trying to get people on it. Does anyone know if the High Roller is still losing money?
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    High Roller tickets were removed from the "free show" list, last I checked, but perhaps it's been put back.

    While I don't know if the High Roller is losing money operationally, I know it was a gigantic failure overall, given how much it cost to build. It was expected (by Caesars, not really anyone else) to be a huge tourist attraction, and it really wasn't.

    It's mildly interesting, but overpriced. For awhile they allowed kids 12 and under to ride free, but now it's only 6 and under.

    At the moment, advance purchase tickets are $32 for night and $22 for day, with $19 (night) and $9 (day) prices for kids 7-17. It's $5 more for each ticket if not bought in advance.

    Still too expensive. Even with advance purchase, the typical family of four is spending $102 for a half hour ride in an enclosed ferris wheel.
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