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Thread: Class action lawsuit being started against Reno hotels regarding resort fees

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    A Philadelphia-based law firm, Berger & Montague, is putting together a class action lawsuit against hotels in Reno which charged mandatory resort fees.

    It is not clear why they are only focusing upon Reno.

    Click here to join the class, but only if you have paid resort fees at one or more of the following hotes:

    Atlantis (Reno)
    Grand Sierra
    Harrah's Reno
    Nugget Casino (Reno)
    Peppermill Reno
    Sand's Regency Hotel

    I hope to see more of these, and I hope they are successful.

    Resort fees are a scam, in order to hide the true price of the room in internet search engines. They should be illegal.

    You also might want to visit if you would like to read about anti-resort-fee advocacy in general.
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    Thanks, Dan. I will pass this along. I have a few friends who are more vehement than me regarding this, and I'm pretty vociferous.

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    Good to see.

    Las Vegas casinos are also subject to pending litigation by this group of attorneys.
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