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Thread: shooting rats

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    I sometimes watch these videos of people, usually in England, shooting rats as a form of pest control.


    *click on the link the screen gives you to view, where it says "watch this video on YouTube," as the owner disabled viewing from remote locations*

    As it is quite difficult to own firearms there, many guys who would otherwise buy and hunt with 30-.06's and the like are relegated to air rifles only.

    Curious, I looked into the sport and there are some very accurate, powerful and expensive air rifles, sights and accessories available.

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    Don’t remember the name of the channel, but there’s this one guy who makes rat/mouse traps. They’re pretty interesting because they aren’t the typical type you’d buy at the store.

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    Did you know how large this pathetic rats can be? Its believed that the biggest rat is more than 32 inches (81 cm) long (including the tail) and weighs more than three pounds (1.36 kg). By comparison, the rats on the video are about 20 inches (50 cm) long. I would have gotten stroke if i saw the biggest
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