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Thread: Free $1000 cash if you have $150k liquid you can move to a new account at Capital One

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    Pretty good offer from Capital One. It's risk free, and you earn $1000 for doing very little. But you need $150,000 cash liquid to start:

    First, if you have an existing Capital One savings account, you can't take advantage of this. If you only have credit cards with them (or if you have nothing with them), read on...

    1) Sign up for the Capital One 360 Money Market account: (This isn't an affiliate link, so I won't make any money from it.)

    2) If you have an existing Capital One login, then sign in. Otherwise, select the option that you don't, and create one.

    3) Fill out the appropriate personal info

    4) When it comes time, enter VALUE2018 as your promo code

    5) Deposit $150,000 of new money into the account within 10 days.

    6) Leave the $150,000 there for a minimum of 10 days after that, and then withdraw most of it if you want, but make sure to keep the account open with at least something.

    7) 60 days later, you should receive $1000 cash placed in the account. At that point, you can pull the remaining money out and close it.

    Leaving the money there for the 60 days isn't even terrible, as it's liquid and has no fees, and you still get 2.00% APY interest while it's there.

    Offer expires 12/31/18.

    If you don't have $150k, no big deal. You can do the same thing with $10k, and get $200 instead of $1000.
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    Chase was offering $500 for $15,000 with some fairly simple rules

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    Originally Posted by regnis View Post
    Chase was offering $500 for $15,000 with some fairly simple rules
    That one isn't worth it.

    First off, I think it's $200. The other $300 is for opening a checking with direct deposit (not an option for those without employers).

    This is because you have to keep the money there for 6 months, and you earn just about zero interest.

    Since you can get 2.25% interest on liquid accounts these days, you're giving up about $337 to make $200.
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    The offer to me was 500 for 15000 if I converted my mortgage to an auto pay. I don't do anything by auto pay so it was a no for me. But any normal person should grab it I believe.

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    Be careful with this Capital One offer that you don't have any existing SAVINGS or MONEY MARKET accounts with them prior to this one.

    Otherwise, you may get a rude surprise after those 60 days pass, and your bonus never comes.

    The $1000 is only guaranteed to those without existing savings/money market products.

    Existing credit cards are fine.
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