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    THE ONLY THING. Words from the late great Vince Lombardi. Now, Coach retracted this statement somewhat. It's the pursuit of victory with logic, patience, discipline, focus, and commitment. IF you do this, YOU will be successful.

    In pursuit of my victory, I need the answer to the question. "When did winning stop being enough"? Of course, the boast of victory is spread throughout many gambling forums with very little effort or time invested. I get it. One can either believe it or not believe.

    But it also runs rampant in the sports book. So I need to have a better understanding of where these type of individuals are coming from. I think it can be dangerous NOT to know. Why is it so important that others believe and do what they do?

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    I know my stories sound like I have a wild imagination. I only wish it were true. This shit really happens...and 100 times more often than I post about it.

    So, I go out Saturday night. I'd been staring at a computer for I don't know how many straight days working on certain aspects of my game. But there is a friend of mine, less fortunate than me, I wanted to give a gift card for the "Season to be Jolly." I had dinner in the sportsbook with him and there was a couple of games I wanted to watch at the same time. Now, I do not know why people are compelled to come up to me and tell me their picks, victories, and defeats. But they do. I suppose maybe they hear I bet, what probably to them, is a lot of money.

    A guy comes up to tell me he'd bet the 2nd half on Army vs Houston. I thought his logic seemed sound in that Houston had 3 weeks to prepare for the game thus they were not going to being able to make the proper adjustments in a 15 minute halftime to stop the option. I could do the math that he won easily with a 70-14 final. Good job. End of convo. No? Well, except for the fact these guys have to repeat the same story 4 or 5 times. HE wondered why I didn't bet $10k on the game. 1.) I don't bet college 2.) I wasn't following it. 3.) I didn't go to the bank. I wondered (to myself) why he only bet $80. Seems like a small amount for the worlds greatest sports handicapper on the easiest Game of the Bowl Season." But I didn't say it.

    Somewhere in the middle of the 2nd or 3rd presentation, another friend comes up to show me a picture of a naked lady or something on his phone. I just wanted to eat and watch the games.

    So, evidently the first guy is all pissed off because he lost my undivided attention. I hear him cussing and hollering about how no one wants to listen to him and/or learn anything. Some say he is a meth head. Whatever that means. HE walks back by and basically calls me out. He is saying vile stuff to me but it's also as he walking away. I'm more interested in my potato salad than getting up to run him down. I ask my friend "is he talking to me?" Yeah, he is talking to you. "Why, what the hell did I do"? "Does he not know that I could drop him like a bad joke"? Now the next time he comes at me, and he will, they always do, there will be a large dose of bad Moses to be delivered.

    Now that may sound horrible to those who don't live in this environment. But it's vital not to be known as a pushover or a target. If you do? They never stop coming. It's like being casting in the sequel "One Flow Over the Coo Coo 's Nest."

    So back to my question. Why is winning not enough? Am I missing something?
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