with every regular season game decided New York Times sportswriter Benjamin Hoffman went 12-5 with his picks for this week which he published Thursday morning

these picks are totally free from the Times unless you consider the cost of subscribing to their digital edition. they give you 5 free articles per month. you can get another 5 free any time by just clearing your history, and cookies. they don't track your IP address

he made picks on every single game for the entire year

for the entire year he went 140-111-5 ATS which is 55.8% if you don't consider the pushes

I figure him for just about 2 standard deviations away from calling 50% correct

I didn't audit every pick he made but I audited some and as far as I could tell he didn't in any way fudge the lines in his favor

there were probably thousands of people monitoring his picks so I highly doubt there was any shadiness on his part. the Times has a circulation of over 2 million.

pretty impressive

this link shows his record before today's games and his picks for this week