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Thread: Maintaining Seven Stars

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    Originally Posted by Slyfox56 View Post
    Happy New Year Everyone!

    As a newly invited (haha!) Seven Stars player, my mind is now turning to how best to maintain being Seven Stars if I so choose.

    Do any of you have tips or tricks on earning TPs for for the smallest amount of loss? For example, are there any games besides VP that you would play to build TP (I am open to expanding the repertoire of games I play). Or is there is a good way to run money through certain types of games to build points while minimizing losses. It seems like low variance, low house percentage games would be the best for this purpose, but they also have to be some form of machine game because how they award TP at the tables really sucks

    If you get this far, thanks for even taking the time to read all my newbie comments/questions. Cause as was said on another active thread - (paraphrasing) what idiot APs would actually want to be helpful to newbies?!
    Hi Slyfox:

    There is now a February 2X Tier Bonus (up to 25,000) if you opt in and play in February.

    Here is the opt-in link:

    The terms and conditions are here:

    That should get you started in increasing tiers on your way to maintaining Seven Stars.


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    Thanks for that tip, FAB.

    I didn't know about this.

    For those wondering, this does NOT double your daily bonus. It only doubles base tiers.

    However, this does allow you to earn 10,000 total tiers for 2,500 base tiers of play in a day, or 20,000 tiers for 5,000 base tiers play in a day.

    This does NOT really help Diamond in a Day attempts, but you could earn Diamond optimally by doing the following:

    Day 1: Play 2500 tiers, earn 2500 from this promo and another 5k from the normal bonus, totaling 10k

    Day 2: Play 1000 tiers, earn 1000 from this promo and another 1k from the normal bonus, totaling 3k.

    Day 3: Play 1000 tiers, which will get you another 3k in the same fashion.

    So you actually have to play 4500 base tiers doing this, rather than 5000. But it would take 3 separate days.

    Another option is to use this to help yourself to get to 25k so you can access the lounges. That could be accomplished by playing 5000 base tiers on day 1 (20k), 1000 on day 2, and 1000 on day 3 (or alternatively, 2500 on Day 2 and nothing on Day 3), and that would get you there.
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    They now give you 10KTP for signing-up 20 people to CR (500 TP/person) and 5TP/$ spent on hotel rates.

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