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Thread: My first love, Patrick! :)

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    Oh my God, my first love from high school when I was 16 and I keep running into each other frequently in recent times. In high school we would talk a lot in both school and after school. He even introduced me to his friends. I'll call him Patrick. We saw each other yesterday again. And the funny thing is l, I wrote a short story when I was 14 about a White guy named Patrick who falls in love with a Black girl named Tracy. He had brown hair and brown eyes.

    Two years later, I coincidentally fell in love with a white guy named Patrick who had brown eyes and brown hair. Wow, what an interesting coincidence that I happened to fall in love with someone who not only looked like my character, but had the same exact first name as him. He mentioned yesterday that he's known me half his life. (He's 36 and I am 34. I never did fully get over Patrick and I feel like he's my soulmate. I

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    My first love, as opposed to crush, ended when we moved when I was a junior in high school.

    I still care about her, although I've no desire to contact her.

    To me, once you love someone they never completely leave your mind.

    You get over them, you move on and build a life, but there is no need to forget them.
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