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Thread: How long before YOU get tired of constant winning everytime you gambled?

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    In The Twilight Zone, "A Nice Place To Visit," A real Scumbag of a man named Henry Francis Valentine (he calls himself Rocky because his life has been rocky. Tired of waiting for the breaks to come to other people but never to him(Paraphrased from Rod Sterling's opening narration, who killed a Pawn Shop Worker, and robbed said Pawn Shop, then shoots at a cop while attempting to run off after the Murder/Robbery. He is shot and killed by said Cop.

    When he awakes, a man named Pip claims he is there as his guide meant to give him everything he wants. He demands him to give him his wallet. Pip mentions he doesn't want a wallet, he wants money. Rocky agrees and Pip gives him $700(Which was actually already big money in 1959 when this episode was released. In 2019, this would have been roughly $3,000, so a nice chunk of change,

    Pip takes him to a nice apartment. He relaxes until Pip gives him good food on a silver platter and Rocky suspiciously tells Pip to eat some food and Pip said he "Used to eat, but doesn't anymore it's been a really long time since he last ate," which understandably makes Rocky even more suspicious and he accuses Pip of poisoning the food and says something like,"You poison food and try to trick me into eating it. That was actually clever but I'm too clever to fall for it!" He shoots Pip multiple times and is shocked that bullets have no effect on him. Pip soon lets Rocky know that Rocky died from a bullet being shot into his head.

    Rocky's apartment had booze in it and fancy suits. He also found a million dollars in his dresser(BIGGER money in 1959 than the $700 Pip gave him earlier, and in 2019, would have been roughly 5 million dollars.) He also had beautiful women who came to the apartment.He surmised he was in Heaven which technically Pip neither confirmed nor denied.

    Rocky implied he wanted to Gamble, hey, he could be a VCT Poster, so he and Pip go to the Casino. Rocky has beautiful women who literally hang on him. He chooses 14 red on Roulette and it wins! He cheers happily and implied he was on a huge winning streak. He goes to a slot machine and wins a hat full of quarters. He cheers.

    Later he wants to know what he did to deserve Heaven and he and Pip go to The Hall Of Records to find his Records.

    He is confused when he sees his records are his bad deeds, not good ones, I.e, at 6 he slaughtered a small dog, at 8 he organized street crime, at 9, he stole toys from a 5 and dime store. He is like,"What the hell?" But brushes it off because he surmises that God is okay with his bad deeds. Seriously? -.-

    He is able to torment a police officer which brings him great delight.

    Later on, he wins a Royal Flush(The best hand on Poker, and the pretty Female Dealer says she has a Straight Flush(Second best hand in Poker, , meaning he won again. He sounded and looked miserably depressed. Instead of CHEERING, and SMILING, like you would expect someone who won the best Poker Hand ever to do, he behaves and looks like his child was murdered. It's clear that something was horribly wrong.

    He also has a depressed demeanor when he won 33 black on Roulette . Compare this to how happy he was when he won on 14 Red earlier. He then wins a lot of quarters in a slot machine and jaded, leaves it on the ground. In a pool game, he wins a perfect game. He frustrated, breaks the cue stick. We once again get the feeling something is really wrong here.

    Rocky confesses to Pip that he's been in Heaven for a month and was ready to snap and he was tired of the apartment, winning every time he gambled(Winning every time isn't gambling, that's Charity!" ) Bored with beautiful women. He wanted to go to the other place(Hell,) in 1959 you couldn't say Hell on TV, contrast that to the much more liberal 2019,

    Pip then tells him THIS was the other place while Rocky looks stunned and tries to leave the now locked apartment while Pip laughs heartily and maliciously. Rod Sterling's closing narration called Ricky "A scared, angry man who never got a break. Now he has everything he ever wanted and he's going to have to live with it for an eternity."

    Question. How long would it have taken YOU to start getting tired of winning every time you gambled? It took Rocky a month to start snapping, how about you? Less, more?
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    Originally Posted by Tasha View Post
    Question. How long would it have taken YOU to start getting tired of winning every time you gambled? It took Rocky a month to start snapping, how about you? Less, more?
    Let's answer a question with a question.

    How long would it have taken YOU to get tired of having orgasms whenever you want one?

    Oh wait, you're a woman (or so you say): you can.

    Never mind.
    What, Me Worry?

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