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Thread: SBA Loan Amounts

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    For those of you who took out SBA loans to help launch your box, how much did you request and/or get approved for?

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    Great thread topic. I was unsuccessful in getting a small biz loan from any of the banks and the personal loans were not an option unless it was unsecured (due to lack of collateral). So had to get personal loans from family/bootstrapping.
    Anybody else run into these issues? What other alternatives did you try?

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    I just spoke with my banker. He told me that they like to see 30% of how ever much you want in your bank. So for example 100,000 loan you need 30,000 in the bank. Not sure if this is right but it may help.

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    I have read great info from this website- about sba loans you can check out.

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    Seems legit.

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