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Thread: Albertson's Monopoly 2019 Rare Game Piece Trading Thread

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    Looking for 302BA, 308DB, 318BE, 321AF, 332DH, 417E$, 420C#
    To complete individual prizes.

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    I have the semi rare piece 408AZ for the 20,000 college money. Contact me if you are interested please!

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    Semi-rare game piece 343EJ available (vacation home), common pieces included for convenience. DFW area.
    Contact or reply.

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    I have semi-rare piece for 1million dollar dream home. 343EJ!! Message me at I'm located in Las Vegas. Let''s Parteee big winner!

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    I have the semi-rare for the Vacation Home: 343EJ. I will sell it for $300 or best offer. Alison "Sunflower"

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    @Dan-Druff , you would be surprised how many people go all-out each year, and do everything they can to obtain ANY tickets they still need, even if they don't have the "most rare" piece for that prize yet.. For example, last year I sold one of my Semi-Rare pieces on eBay for $145 and they still needed the "most rare" piece to complete the prize.. Some people just treat it like a collection; if they don't have it, they want it - just in case. But I agree with you, it's definitely meaningless to purchase a semi-rare if you don't have the rare to go along with it. But again, some people just like to be prepared and ready!

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