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Thread: Albertson's Monopoly 2019 Rare Game Piece Trading Thread

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    I have 343 EJ if anyone needs it and wants to make an offer.

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    I have semi rare piece 403 for home theater and semi rare 419 for 7500 family willing to sell

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    I have 403ay if you still need it.

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    I just got 419B. Anyone have 420?

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    I have three semi-rare pieces for whoever needs to complete the set (lucky you!).
    335CI for the $1,000,000 cash
    401DX for the $30,000 jet skis
    403AY for the $25,000 home theater
    E-mail me to make offer:

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    I have game piece 335CI looking for 336DI. Willing to buy.

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    I have 408AZ, if you havenít found it and need it PM me.

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    Originally Posted by teavalotfi View Post
    Hi Champion. Could I please buy your 343EJ piece?
    Are you still trying to buy

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    Did you find the other or do you still need?

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    First time posting. Just opened 335CI. Anyone looking to buy?

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    I have 335ci $1,000,000 simi rare and 294BW semi rare for $100k or boat 401dx $30,000 jet skis semi rare and 416d$ $10,000 cash semi rare and 419b# $7,500 Family vacation semi rare. For sale.

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    Originally Posted by sbellis View Post
    Good morning. Looking to buy two semi-rare pieces 343EJ and 403AY. Have 341CJ and 403AY. Located in San Francisco.
    I've got 343ej

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    I have semi rare 394 BW for $100K cash or boat, and I am willing to part with it.

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    I have semi rare piece for the home theater 403

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    If you are interested in 394 or 403 e-mail me at

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