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    Quantify how many times per hour what you've described actually happens. No, make that, quantify how many times, every TEN hours, what you've described actually happens in the real world.


    Bam. There you have it in a nutshell folks. Don S never cared much for me. It's not a congeniality contest. This is about winning and MONEY. Therefore, personalities aside, I look for wisdom and work ethic. Don S has an abundance of both - like him or not.

    I look at how many times a situation might occur in a day, week, month, or year. Some of this stuff that you all are so adamant about might only occur 4 times a year. And that's for the guy who plays 100K hands annually. YOU want to know the frequent advantages...when your large bet is on the table. Or better yet, when, and more importantly when not to put out a large bet in the first place. THAT is where you find your profits.

    Don S should really put this statement on the back of his book jackets. It's not just good. It's brilliant.

    Norm, you said you want quality posts instead quantity? Well, forget the 389 posts in Adding AA78mTc side count to High Low. But never forget post 390.
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    Of course, Don S post is followed by far more crap than I care to read. I'm the first to admit I have no experience in shoes. But it seems to me the option to walk away from a negative deck would trump 400 posts of rhetoric. Or if the goal is to "Wong In" to a positive deck, then why the abundance of additional knowledge required about negative decks?

    Strive to perfect your game and play within casino tolerance would eliminate the need for all this camouflage. Why play the game scared? You've got far too much in your head. No wonder you can't sleep. What you see is what you get. If the opposition can't handle that, it's unlikely you're getting a fair game in the 1st place. If you get banned while playing within casino tolerance, what good was it?

    It's quite clear this guy wants to sell a book. O boy, gimme some more of dat.

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    The model for Adding AA78mTc side count to High Low almost walks. Here is what this 428 posts looks like and the responses.

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    Questions for RS and KJ: All this talk about different counts for shoe games. Is it even practical or prudent to sit completely through a shoe?

    IF I were ever to play a shoe game, which is highly unlikely, then it would make sense to live in a city where there are plenty of games in close proximity to bob and weave between the raindrops trying not to get soaked.

    Maybe with a KJ approach one could take on Wong Halves. But no way could one do a Tarzan, Hi OPt II w/ASC, or T3 side count extravaganza while bobbing and weaving. Tarzan could probably do his count by sitting through shoe after shoe. But what is the point? Wouldn't simply walking away from a negative deck be more advantageous?

    KJ seems to have a handle on purpose for the BJTF forum rhetoric. But why the constant threads about counts that must be simmed by an outside source?

    My guess is there are 5 to 8 guys, all from the east coast, that represent 10 to 15 puppets. Thus all they know is shoes because that is all that is available. Am I close?

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