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Thread: Free speech

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    alan wants us to think he's leaving the board with his head held high, filled with righteous indignation over the failure of Dan Druff to tow the line here the way he thinks it should be towed.

    Uh, no, that ain't it.

    In fact, I'd be willing to bet he's leaving because he's,well, to put words on it: pussy whipped.

    His new girl of the moment, the former Miss Israel, is a strong individual who made it clear she has zero interest in casino gambling.

    So now he'll just stay home and water the plants until she tells him what to do.

    Plus I suspect the reality of retirement hit home, as he cannot afford to bet big like he used to, poor guy.
    Alan is more of a loser with women than with gambling. A man trying to change for a woman never works. You can't change spots on a leopard. The relationship with Miss Israel is doomed to failure. Ask Rob.
    "Walter Cronkite could not get a job in the main stream media today." Alan Dershowitz

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    Ah, but what if in fact alan really WANTS to change?

    Perhaps he's had an epiphany and concluded casino gambling, for him at least, is a fool's errand?

    Suppose he lacks the will power to simply walk away?

    In that instance it would be arguably appropriate for him to rely upon the new wind blowing through his life to sweep out the casino cobwebs lodged firmly in his mind.

    Any port in a storm?
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