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Thread: Gambling Lies Come Around....And In Such A Righteous Way

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    Argentino put that article by Schoonmaker up like it was some great revelation. What it really did was prove how ignorant Argentino and Mendelson have been....and continue to be. What they really are is a couple of dumbass jackasses. They just keep proving how stupid they are. Everything in this "great revelation" of theirs has been known for years. 2 + 2 has had numerous threads over the years on how tough it is to make it in live tournament poker. The best advice has been to not attempt it. A few years ago Negreanu put up his stats for a year. He cashed for 2.5 million but his tournament fee's were 2.7 million. That doesn't include the cost of travel, meals and lodging. And he is one of the best in the world.

    Everyone knew that Cloutier and Unger made money in the tournaments but had bigtime leaks with craps, dogs, and sportsbetting. Unger would bet every NFL game when he had the money. Bookies love guys like that.

    But the biggest quack ever in gambling is Robert Harry Argentino. He claims to consistently win playing negative expectation games while also claiming that those that play positive expectation games can't win. The assclown just has it ass backwards and it's hard to quit laughing at him. He's a goofball idiot and the laughing stock of the gambling world.
    "Walter Cronkite could not get a job in the main stream media today." Alan Dershowitz

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    Originally Posted by Rob.Singer View Post
    Originally Posted by Moses View Post
    Originally Posted by Rob.Singer View Post
    So here's the thing: I've got the $2000 bet on NE tomorrow at -1.5. Go Pats!
    Good call.
    Thanks Moses--I had a very good year with my NFL bets. However, it had to happen. Not only are these misguided AP idiots here mortified by the shockingly true article attached to this thread--it awakened con man redietz to put on his usual display of hate and envy. I just wish next season began NOW so I could show up and irritate the collection of losers here just a little bit more.

    On a side note, ever notice how said "collection" can't live without labeling blackhole all types of names as well as a broken down gambler, how they constantly lie about Alan having nothing at all until "the first of the month when he gives it all away to Stations, and how my wins, homes, and RV's "really ain't real because I'm busted and bankrupt"?

    That's why I chose to stay and get under AP-skin all these years. Nothing like rubbing salt into their wounds And does it get any more satisfying that watching redietz keep mentioning my real name while claiming (twice....obviously because no one cared about his bs the first time around) the pic I put up of one of my $100k wins was "incorrect" since these fools couldn't stand it? It's right there on page 17 of the "Pictures of Wins and Jackpots" thread....where even broke poker pro Dan needed to suggest I lurked in high limit rooms to take pictures, or I photographed the $25 insignia/$100,000 jackpot words somehow. It is envy only a mother--and me--could love!

    So I depart as I throw Singer & Patriot mud into the faces of anyone here who doubted them and my sportsbetting prowess once again. The Eagles were a fluke last yr. as we saw proven this year. That shithole city will never see another major sports championship.

    It's been a good time hurting AP's. I also loved watching RS__, a pauper ex dealer, try to make believe he made it to the promise land. No wonder he believes storyteller mickey.!!

    "Singer's" 100K claim is incorrect. He claimed he and Mr. Mendelson were the only ones who posted here with 100K wins. That is clearly a lie.

    Todd (Dan Druff) won several times that in one event of the WSOP. And if you'll check posts 63 and 64 of the Retro Road trip thread, and can do addition, you'll see that my late cousin, E.R. Dietz, procured that much when the Titans last won the AFC because he had both the Titans and Rams to win the Super Bowl. E.R., as the tickets show, sewed up 50 times what "Singer" says he allegedly won with "Singer's" alleged 2K wager on the Patriots. And those aren't all of E.R.'s tickets -- just what would fit on one sheet.

    I expect "Singer" will now apologize for misleading the forum.
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