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Thread: Caesars to finally open a casino in Northern California (Harrah's Buena Vista)

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    Caesars has the United States fairly well covered, but the Pacific states are one of their big "holes".

    They do have a property in northern San Diego County (Harrah's Rincon aka Harrah's Resort SoCal), but that's it.

    Nothing north of that in California.

    Nothing in Oregon.

    Nothing in Washington.

    They do have Harrah's and Harvey's Lake Tahoe, which are right next to the California border, but these properties are too far for most Bay Area players to visit regularly, and also require slow mountain driving.

    This year, they will be opening Harrah's Buena Vista:

    It is southeast of Sacramento, in the small town of Ione. It is just 114 miles from San Francisco, which should bring a lot of Bay Area players, the same way Harrah's Rincon scored a lot of the Los Angeles area players.

    There are not many details about it released yet.

    Here's a picture of the outside with a short description:
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    Unhappily for them they have to partner with an Indian tribe in order to do it.
    What, Me Worry?

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    According to the developer, Wilmorite, the target opening date is May 1, 2019 and the cost of this project is 168M. The casino will open and the hotel will be added on.
    This is a great addition for central/northern Californians who are Total Rewards members.

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    According to Harrah's Northern California's Facebook page the casino's grand opening is May 17-19th.

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    Im local and heard this one the PFA show and we dont need anymore casinos in Nor Cal. There are enough casinos and Red Hawk is close by and there is the Wilton Indian property going up at Highway 99 south of Elk Grove. Too many casinos saturating the Nor Cal area.

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