is actually a pretty comical place. there's a guy there who calls himself "TurboGenius" who claims he has a 20% edge on roulette with his bet selections (nothing to do with a biased wheel).

and there's another guy who calls himself "Bago" who posts fake sims showing his roulette system winning millions of dollars

and these 2 guys hate each other as they duel for the title of King of Phony roulette systems

this I found quite comical. This guy is posting what he learned from TurboGenius.

Here it is:

"There is a list of things that Turbo has taught over the years on the forums which I think helped my play a lot.

1. The only way to win is bet a # when there is a better than 35 to 1 chance of it showing

2. You have to focus on predicting current and future bets

3. The only way to win is in the path of repeaters, numbers that show above average better than the payout in a cycle or multiple cycles to make up for the numbers that or sleep or performing below average.

4. Looking at past results = useless info if it wasn't in your session since you started playing.

5. On average in 37/38 spins there will be 12 numbers that don't show so there will 12 numbers that repeat to compensate. This one of the predictable patterns that can be used to have better than 35 to 1 accuracy.

6. Both hot and cold numbers can instantly change states. Meaning hot #'s can stay that way, go cold, or perform at average and vice versa. The key to winning is bet numbers as they become hot.

7. A number can't show twice without showing once, it can't show three times without showing twice etc.

8. You can't lose a single unit by not betting on a number that doesn't show"

And the TurboGenius himself shows his appreciation by responding, saying this:

"and never lost $1.00 because I bet on them and they never appeared.
They aren't potential hot numbers that could produce a profit, so there's no
reason to. They could go hot in the future though, so worth noting them...
there's just no value in betting them at this time."

seriously, you couldn't make this shit up