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Thread: Lools Like CET Seven Stars Retreat Air Fare can be used to locations with no Hotels

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    Hi guys. Today which is also the first day of the CET offer calendar year, I spotted an offer to me in the web which shows that the annual Seven Stars up to $1,200 air fare can be used at CET casinos with no associated hotels. See screenshot below.

    By way of example the Horseshoe Baltimore and the Horseshoe Hammond (Indiana) have no associated hotels but I see them specifically listed on this flight offer. So maybe this is something that was always available. But at least I see this in writing. I don't know if CET will put you up in an associated hotel but should you want to fly to Chicago or Baltimore/DC on this offer, it is worth exploring.

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    I believe you have always been able to use your retreat in Baltimore since the Horseshoe opened. I only know this anecdotally from a CET host several years ago telling me about a Seven Stars who had used their retreat there and run up quite a Maryland state tax obligation through winning handpays.

    I assume they still put you up at one of their affiliated hotels. I used them for lodging when I went to Baltimore for a short vacation years ago, and they put me at the Hyatt at the Harbor and covered hotel cost and self parking charges. But when I tried to do it again the following year they were just offering some other hotel that I wasn't too jazzed about staying at, so I haven't gone back.

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