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Thread: Worst Superbowl ever.

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    I vote this Superbowl Rams/Patriots as the worst ever, or at least in my time. I suppose the Seattle blowout of Denver might qualify because it was such a blow out the entire way.

    This one was close, I can't say competitive because it never seemed like the Ram's really had a chance. But it was more than that. Just a horrible game to watch. It really was! I found myself looking forward to the commercial breaks.

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    I think you made the wrong title(s) to this thread.
    It should read:

    The Worst Super Bowl Commercials ever.
    The Worst Super Bowl Halftime Show Ever.

    This Super Bowl was great for those of us who remember how Football was and should be.
    Historians of the game understand as well even if they were not alive during the 50s through 70s NFL.
    Even the 80s and 90s were a completely different game.
    I am sick of seeing Touchdown after Touchdown.
    I can not stand Replay after Replay and Challenge after Challenge.
    Nor can I stand how after watching a Replay for 5 to 10 minutes nobody can agree on the call to make.
    The Commentators constantly get it wrong compared to what the call is after deliberation of replay.
    I can not stand Yellow Flags on every play and Refs who have to huddle to make a call.
    I can not stand a whole city drawing attention to themselves because of a bad call. (New Orleans)
    If your team doesn't like it tell them to score more points during the whole game.
    I loved this Super Bowl and a low scoring game makes for great tension near the end.
    This is what makes hockey a great game when it is 0-0 heading into sudden death overtime during the playoffs.
    Shootouts, in Football, are a completely different viewing pleasure that I do not enjoy.
    50 some odd yard field goals to win a game with 3 seconds left are exciting... just ask Scott Norwood.
    Icing the kicker I agree with but calling a timeout within a split second of "HIKE" is total BS.

    The new generation has killed the NFL and I am glad that the Patriots have shoved it up the Leagues ass with this Dynasty.
    A Dynasty that is not supposed to happen anymore in the NFL and is the longest running Dynasty of all time.
    I love watching a pissed off Roger Goodell handing off the trophy to Belichick and Brady yet again no matter of deflated balls or not.
    Goodell was appointed commissioner in 2006 and earned $212.5 million during his first 10 years on the job.
    Goodell’s compensation was $32 million in 2015.
    He makes more money than all but one NFL Player per year and makes more than most CEOs.
    He actually wanted 50 million per year, a private plane and health insurance for life in his last negotiation.
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    Agree with Monet with most of what he said. Other than the one early bad roughing call which made me go oh shit the refs are going to fuck a up another game, the refs stayed out of it and let them play. And there was a ton of obvious holding in the trenches but it was nice to just see them let them play.

    I also enjoy less scoring and a good old fashioned defensive battle. However, I think it was more bad offensive play than great defensive play in this game. But still a nice change.

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