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Thread: Hello Everyone it is nice to be on board

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    Originally Posted by BoSox View Post
    Originally Posted by Moses View Post
    LMAO. That was a classic. It's also about as serious as we get here. Meaning you're probably not going to get an 850 post thread on side counts.

    I do not know who is worse involving that 800 plus thread, the guy who started it, or the rather slow moderator who is still trying to figure out if it has any valuable substance to it. bjanalyst, frequently says that NOBODY has yet to find a flaw with his math. Little does he know that the only person that has actually read more than two of his post is also your new pupil numnuts Dbs6582.
    You’re right Bosox. It’s because I’m enamored by the Carla side story. It’s like a soap opera. I’m waiting for more info on the relationship between bjanalyst and Carla, but all I get is calculations and tables with a lot of numbers. I feel like I know Carla better than most women at my work. It’s intersting that she has multiple kids from a couple men. Bjanalyst made her sound like a rabbit, but he’s still dating her, probably because she uses his count and plays lucky ladies. Lol

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    She sounds like a "Lucky Lady" alright. I'll bet BJ Anal is a real catch. Did you read the part about him putting his nose like two inches from the tray before he decided to wong in or not? Shrewd. But they won't ever catch on. Because they don't want to. HE has so many numbers running through his mind that he couldn't spell "dog" if you spotted him the D and the O.
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    I thought the analyst would slip up by now, this is where I was thinking. He wongs into the $15 minimum tables and will go up to a Max bet of $25 all the while betting the Lucky Lady's side bet either $5 up to $10. I followed the thread for a page and a half hoping, and waiting for him to say that that he was a full RFB customer, so far not yet.

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