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Thread: MLB and NFL Futures bets at casinos

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    On my usual August trip to Las Vegas I make a few bets on World Series winner and Superbowl winner at the sportsbook casinos. I notice that different casinos offer slightly different odds for a team to win the World Series: one might offer 6/1 the other 7/1 to win it all This is significant . All of these odds change weekly during the baseball season and football season.I also know that William Hill, MGM Resorts, CG Technology and Caesars Entertainment are the major line setters for these casinos.
    What I want to know is where on line can I get current sports book futures odds for these casinos?

    When I try to search on line for futures I get on line betting sites like Bovada , 5 dimes, etc. I don't want these.
    When i go to the casino web site of the sportsbook at the casino there is no betting info, just a description of the amenities at the casino.
    Any help for finding this information?

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    Covers.coms shows, mgm,boyd,stations etc

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    I just wrapped up a whirlwind survey of Las Vegas futures. I've been doing this for 40 years. The numbers are not static in any sense. if you see a futures number on a website, that is no guarantee it'll be there five minutes later, so relying on public postings of these futures numbers as a way to decide whether to visit LV and make a play is worthless. Basically, you need to do the survey when you're on site, make your decisions quickly, and execute the wagers.

    I will say this. There is some debate, with so many other states legalizing sports betting, that these kinds of futures surveys are outdated. No, you gotta see the numbers in LV, where they've been, and compare them to offshores to get a sense of the entire context. I made only two futures wagers in LV this time, but the examination and review had to be done in a live setting, so to speak. I actually backed off some baseball ideas (Indians, Red Sox) because just as I was about to pull the trigger, they lost a couple in a row, which was crucial.

    Do the work. Check Westgate, Cantor, William Hill, CET, South Point. If you have the time, get to the others. Some (MGM, Wynn, Boyd, Stations) tend to be vanilla. Not likely outliers.

    Best of luck.

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