On my usual August trip to Las Vegas I make a few bets on World Series winner and Superbowl winner at the sportsbook casinos. I notice that different casinos offer slightly different odds for a team to win the World Series: one might offer 6/1 the other 7/1 to win it all This is significant . All of these odds change weekly during the baseball season and football season.I also know that William Hill, MGM Resorts, CG Technology and Caesars Entertainment are the major line setters for these casinos.
What I want to know is where on line can I get current sports book futures odds for these casinos?

When I try to search on line for futures I get on line betting sites like Bovada , 5 dimes, etc. I don't want these.
When i go to the casino web site of the sportsbook at the casino there is no betting info, just a description of the amenities at the casino.
Any help for finding this information?