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Thread: Standing Ovation for Jim Boeheim

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    I am posting this here in sports, as it is sports related.

    Tonight the Syracuse Men's basketball team hosted Duke. It is the first game since Syracuse coach Jim Beoheim hit and killed a man in bad weather following Wednesday's game. Beoheim was not drinking or drunk. There are no criminal charges. It was the true sense of the word "accident".

    There has been a good deal of discussion in sports circle and shows about whether Beoheim should coach this game tonight, or whether the game should have gone on at all.

    Again, this death was not due to anything that Boeheim did wrong. No neglect. It was an accident. I have no problem with him coaching and the game going on. Why would it not. Life goes on.

    BUT, when coach Beoheim took the floor, he received a mostly thunderous standing ovation (with a smattering of boos mixed in). Exactly what were the Syracuse faithful applauding?

    There was a moment of silence offered for the gentleman that passed, but I just don't understand the standing ovation. That just seemed most inappropriate to me.

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    People are sick and inappropriate sometimes.

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    You mean this cheater who has been coaching at Syracuse since 1962?
    He had the largest penalty in NCAA Basketball History.

    Jim Boeheim and Syracuse have been punished by the NCAA twice.
    Boeheim was suspended for nine games in the 2015-16 after the NCAA released a 94-page report that detailed violations including academic misconduct, extra benefits and the university drug testing policy.
    Boeheim accepted responsibility for the violations but also expressed disappointment in the NCAA findings.
    The Syracuse basketball program was also placed on two years probation in 1992, that included a postseason ban in 1993.

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