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Thread: Is there a way that Kentry can be unbanned?

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    He was banned under suspicions that he was me but there is proof on WOV that he and I are separate people plus he himself pointed out that he only trolled on here when most people were troing anyway and he stopped as soon as Dan said trolling would no longer be tolerated on here and even apologized. He also pointed out that posters on here did/do even way worse things than he did and are not banned now. So, is there a way he can get unbanned?
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    If Kentry proves he is real, I will unban him.
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    Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    If Kentry proves he is real, I will unban him.
    Thank you for cleaning up this thread! This thread us about getting Kentry unbanned, but inadvertently turned into a Tater thread from the very first response. Kudos to you for splitting unrelevant posts into it's own thread!

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