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Thread: What is "capping"?

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    As I was leaving the video poker section, I passed a so called penny machine where max bet is $8.88 a spin. A plastic sign had been stickered on the machine "Capping not allowed".

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    In this case it means locking the machine for a player.

    Capping has a different definition for table bets. With table games it means adding chips to a bet after the bet has been won, which is what happened when that player got hauled out of Suncoast some weeks ago.

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    $8.88 max bet sounds like one of those Asian themed games like 88 Fortunes with the pot that fills up with coins as you get wilds, then when it "gets full" closes and you get to pick to match 3 for one of the progressives.
    If you read the rules, getting a progressive pick is random and has nothing to do with how full the pot is.
    But that doesn't stop people from thinking it's due.
    I've seen some extreme crazy behavior around these when those pots are full, so they probably made that sign to avoid incidents.

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    It s one of the Asian machines- they seem to be growing in popularity as they're in smaller versions to fit a carousel of them.

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