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Thread: Breaking Up Caesars Entertainment

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    If you've been following recent news reports this past week or so it's becoming pretty clear that Caesars Entertainment might be on the chopping block -- literally -- and the company is likely to be split up and it's casinos and other assets will be sold off piece by piece.

    This means, of course, the end of Caesars Rewards (previously known as Total Rewards) and current players will be at the mercy of whatever players club takes over the properties where they stayed.

    For example, if Caesars Palace is sold off to XYZ Partners whether or not you have any more points or status will depend on what XYZ Partners decides to do.

    Also gone will be the "economy of scale" that Total Rewards once offered the Caesars Company.

    Recent reports also said that investors now realize Total Rewards no longer has the value it used to have for its data base.

    Belt tightening for a sale is now obvious to everyone. A friend texted me last night to say even the free coffee and free bottles of water are no longer available for the taking inside the Diamond check in at Caesars Palace. How low can they go? Yes, this low... no more self-serve coffee and tea and cookies and not even a table with water to drink while you wait to check in.

    I remember champagne being served on Fridays in the Diamond check in but I'm sure that's gone too.

    Personally I haven't stayed or played at any Caesars property since December 2017 but my play in December of 2017 has given me high diamond for 2019. I just might max out my privileges at the Diamond Lounge while there is still a Diamond Lounge. But I wouldn't expect one to be there in 2020 as I expect Caesars to be chopped up and sold off before the end of this year.

    The investors want to maximize their shares and selling the company off property by property is the way to do it.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Bye bye Caesars as an independent company.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Going to Tahoe soon and had planned on getting diamond in a day on the multi hand 9/6 JOB. These posts are making me reconsider.

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    Diamond in a day no longer gets you in the diamond lounges.

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    Diamond in a day no longer gets you in the diamond lounges for free. 25,000 points for free access $10.00 rewards credits for lower diamond member and $10.00 rewards credits for guest

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