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Thread: Clearing up a few Moses conceptions

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    Originally Posted by ;UCFX85321

    Why do you all have to be so mean? Nothing else to do I guess.

    To answer your question I do not like reading all the hate here and the ZenZone. I hope everyone is not competing with each other here? That should not be our objectives. If the hate does not stop, sorry, if you do not see me continue fighting the battle. Moses, labled me right in that he thinks I did not sign up this shit.
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    UCFX wrote:

    "Good luck with that vision problem Bosox. I'm not talking about your eyesight. I'm talking about the way you view the world. You're wasting away sitting in judgment of others."

    No that is an incorrect statement. In reality, I do not judge anyone as I usually keep to myself. Although when I see someone else obsessed with anothers business when it very well could have been me, I get involved. In this case it was about a 30 day loss of 29K and the accusation of the player losing control when the accuser doesen't have a single clue of what he is talking about. Making statements like
    win today play tomorrow. Finally resulting in a very heated discussion with ridiculous challenges by the accuser to play one on one or stand up to him one on one with constant subtle threats on another site. Culminating in hate talk with the mocking of the individual's sexual orientiation, while Moses asking on ZZ why am I supporting a queer. I will answer that right now because it is not unusuall to have large swings while playing higher stakes shoe games with good rules period. Now because I did not support the other guy I am accused of being a queer supporter or more. Who is doing the judgements here? No really? I hope Moses wins 90% of his sports bets this year, and if he does have a woman friend I hope they have a long and happy life together.

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    Moses, I’ve never laughed so much at your recent post on zenzone. I like the line “a couple months”, which I agree with. That post has to one of your top ten. You have a way with words.

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