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Thread: Avatars now enabled here

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    Amazingly, it took until now for me to notice that Alan never enabled user avatars when the forum started in 2010.

    I could use one as an admin, but there was no way to do it for regular users.

    Nine years later, I've righted that wrong.

    You can set your avatar by going here:
    Check out my poker forum, and weekly internet radio show at

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    Thank you Dan!

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    Thanks Dan, Can you see mine ok?

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    I uploaded an avatar and it shows as "my avatar" but it does not appear on the site.

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    Originally Posted by ke6cdh View Post
    Thanks Dan, Can you see mine ok?
    I don't see it.

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    Royal flush you copied me in a different suit.

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    Are you seeing avatars because I don't?

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    Now I don't even see Dan's avatar.

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    How would i know you copied my club royal with your heart royal if i could not see them. Try using chrome browser or your phone.

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    I'm using Chrome. And using my phone. Dan's Head and Shoulders bottles have disappeared.

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    This is weird. When I am logged OUT the avatars are visible. But when I am LOGGED IN the avatars are not visible including Dan's.

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    I'm signed in and i see avatars

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    Originally Posted by ke6cdh View Post
    I'm signed in and i see avatars
    Not for me.

    I've been going back and forth -- logged in and out.

    When logged out the avatars are visible but when logged in they are not.

    I went to my settings to see if there was a switch for seeing avatars but I didn't see one.


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    Aha!!! There is a switch to show avatars. Found it.
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