I love March Madness. Even before the past 2 days in which I went 10-0 with my wagers. And yeah, I don't care who believes that or not.

I love it when the "Davids" like Murray State, Wofford, UC Irvine, and Buffalo, beat the "goliaths". And to be fair these "Davids" mentioned weren't your typical "Davids". They are all really good teams.

So anyway in my own personal run, I liked 10 games. Won them all, plus an 8 team parley and I NEVER play parlays. They are a sucker bet.

Included in my 10 teams were 4 different 12 seeds. We all know the history of 12 vs 5 upsets. All 4 of these 12 seeds covered, with 3 winning out right! The fourth 12 seed, New Mexico State should have won outright. They had 3 foul shots in the final seconds needing to make 3 to win, 2 to tie and the player missed 2 of 3, so they lost by 1, which was crushing for him, but alright for me as the last thing I wanted was overtime.

Anyway, as much as I love the first two days of March Madness anyway, this year will be one I don't forget as it netted me over 10k. These are the times I wish I bet bigger, but I don't.

With 4 games remaining tonight, I have no money on any. I almost feel like I am hot and should run out and bet something. How's that for a degenerate gambler. But I am not going to. I am happy for my results, plus my favorite team Villanova winning (which I didn't feel comfortable betting), so a mightly good 2 days of March Madness. I am thinking I am done betting for the tournament, now. I think I won't even make any picks on the second round. Hey...that sounds like a stop (win) limit.