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Thread: Credit union fails, yes there's a casino connection

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    You guys who love your credit unions will enjoy reading this article about the failure of the CBS Employees Credit Union.
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    Dude, this thread has nothing whatsoever to do with Las Vegas.

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    Originally Posted by mcap View Post
    Dude, this thread has nothing whatsoever to do with Las Vegas.
    Yeah but I'm a dishonest shyster (is there any other kind) so since casinos are mentioned I put it here. Dan can move it.

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    Just another degenerate, thief with a gambling problem. He isn't the first and won't be the last.

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    The real question is, how did he get away with so much money over such a long period of time? This was a credit union with a couple of thousand members. How do you hide so much in such a small operation?

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