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    While folks are debating Rob's incredible luck on the $100 machine in the "Big Jackpot" thread, I wanted to report on an amazing dream I just had. I was dozing off, following the early evening baseball, when I sat bolt upright and snapped to attention. I've had these kinds of dreams just a few times in the past, and they usually happen.

    I was dreaming...and it came to me. Rob's going to hit another big jackpot! On the same machine, no less!

    Think about it. He snagged a 200K score, and he's going win again! I couldn't see the amount in my dream, but it had to be huge, or I would not have had the dream.

    I don't know what's more amazing -- the fact Rob is going to whack this machine twice with very little play, or my psychic dream foretelling it.

    Anyway -- stay tuned for the adventures of the world's greatest video poker player and his sidekick, the mentalist. Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

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    Ahem. Not to be a stickler. But what you described is actually a Precognitive Dream. If this actually comes true? Moses would like you to let him know when you have a dream about the next days MLB final scores. This forum stuff is fun. Beats the hell out of - O wait! A's are about to come on. They killed the Red Sox last night.

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    Now UCFX, hold on there for a moment. I toured Charles Honorton's lab in New Jersey way back when, and I know a thing or two about how to define these things. Usually, precognitive could be considered a subset of "psychic" dreams. But in this case, we have interesting possibilities.

    If Rob hits the jackpot in the future, then it was indeed a precognitive dream. But if Rob has somehow already acquired the photo of the jackpot and is waiting to post it, then we could consider it a telepathic dream.

    Now, if I had acquired the knowledge of Rob's jackpot pic by reading his mind, I would consider that telepathy. But if I physically rearranged the memory pathways of Rob's mind by psychic means, leading him to post a jackpot pic in the future, that might be considered telekinesis.

    One can never be too careful defining these things. It puts a whole other spin on the phrase, "being in someone's head."

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    Redietz--start small and just bend a spoon. You don't want to get into anyone's head around this Forum.

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    Originally Posted by regnis View Post
    Redietz--start small and just bend a spoon. You don't want to get into anyone's head around this Forum.
    Now that's funny.

    Mr. redietz. Considering the dream was vivid enough for you to sit upright and snap to attention, it may well have been a clairvoyant dream. If so, you may have a gift. lol There won't be a straight spoon in the house.

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