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Thread: How to repair the damage done by loose lips...

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    A friend of mine had a senior host call him and ask if he was going to book a room this week (he books a free room every week). He told the host no that he could not afford the $100 reservation hold. He usually gets more than $100 a week in total free play offers. I told him that in my opinion telling the host that was a big mistake and it is going to lower his offers? What can my friend do to repair the damage done if any?

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    Good news for your friend. He is unlikely to see a decline in offers because those decisions are made by a computer, not the host.

    However, it might decrease what the host is willing to do for him, if the host believes that he is broke.
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    Have him send the host a fake picture of a 200k Royal (like Singer does) with a note saying, I just got really lucking and I'm all pumped up. I can more than afford it now. What more can you do for me? I think I'm on a lucky streak, time for some higher limit slots.

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    Obviously depends on what he specifically said. He could try smoothing it over by saying he was having credit card issues because it got flagged for fraud but he got a replacement card and now he's good to go.

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    If, like here, the reservation hold is refunded later and he's been doing it constantly then I see no problem. In fact, the host should have tried to waive the hold since this would probably meant more play from someone who will now more than likely stay home. They probably did him a favor.

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