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Thread: Interesting things heard in a Casino?

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    While playing a Roulette game, a guy who lost his money by playing a number that didn't come up, "This Roulette game is disgusting. I needed that money to make even more money and lost!This game needs to be blown up!"

    A woman said she didn't know where her ID was to a fellow slot player while remarking that the game she was playing had the potential to hit a Jackpot(Um, if you don't know where your ID is wpuldn't you make sure to low roll so that the most you get is like $1,000? :/. She asked him if she could just let the Casino pay her like $1,000 and keep the rest for themselves aince she misplaced her ID. He replied,"The Casino wouldn't allow that. They'd hold The Jackpot until she got a replacement ID or found her lost ID."
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