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Thread: Changes in Harrahs Lake Tahoe Pass Cards

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    I was at Harrahs Lake Tahoe last week. it used to be that one could enter the Diamond (AKA Laurel) Lounge at Harrahs anytime by having your Diamond or Seven Stars card coded to open the door. Now if there is bar or food service you need to show ID to the attendant. Probably not a bad idea since the place can get crowded. See the photo showing the bar and food hours and the typical food. Actually the food was pretty good to me. I particularly liked the gumbo.

    On off hours, you can let yourself in by inserting a card in the door bu instead of a code added to your players card, you need to use a card issued through the nearby High Limit Slot booth. Below is the "Lake Tahoe Laurel Lounge 2019" card I was given. There is a pretty convenient coffee/hot chocolate machine 24/7, plus a semiprivate restroom as well as a quiet place to contemplate your gambling losses!

    Finally, since it after March 31, 2019, the VIP parking section in the Harvey'd garage uses a "Priority Pass" card you can obtain from the Harvey's VIP or check in area. This has yet another visual look. See below.
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    I might visit Tahoe this summer and make use of it.

    Thanks for the report, as always
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    Thanks for sharing! I might visit Tahoe this year as well.

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