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Thread: Revisiting the Singer claim & timeline

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    Based on new revelations today, I think we need to revisit the timeline of the Singer "story".

    Today Singer stated that he had failed for 6 years at attempting to be an advantage player prior to his great error find which allowed him to earn better than 3 million dollars. (It always comes down to these guys are angry and bitter at their AP failure)

    1994-2000. So adjusting the time line accordingly, these 6 years of AP failure occurred 1994-2000. What a co-incidence that is the same time period of Mr. Argentino's financial woes. Bankruptcies, evictions, judgements, inability to pay his rent. I am sorry to label, but when your gambling interferes with your ability to meet financial responsibilities and pay your rent, the phrase is degenerate gambling addiction.

    2000-2004. So following these 6 year failure as an advantage player, Mr. Argentino claims he made $375k over 4 years playing negative EV games but winning due to progressive betting and stop limits. It is mathematical fact that progressive betting, as a matter of fact no betting system, nor stop limits can overcome negative expectation. Mr. Singer / Argentino still is unable to explain how he managed to overcome this mathematical fact.

    2004-??? Ten years of winning over 3 million dollars due to finding a casino payout error. The claim is that the casino(s) didn't realize this error....FOR 10 YEARS, despite that not only Mr. Singer/Argentino took the game(s) for 3 million but every other person who played the game during that time, whether AP or not would have also been playing at a huge advantage racking up tens of millions of dollars in losses for these machines. And yet this went unnoticed by the casino(s) in question.

    These are the updated facts and timeline. I will leave it up to each person reading to form their own opinion as far as credibility.

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    Yeah, I think you’re onto something kJ, and I haven’t kept up with much of Ron’s story. Anytime I see someone say they came out ahead after a bankruptcy I question the story.

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