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Message from the Island.

"Ok Bob. Give Bosox his own camp. How about the "blind leading the blind" camp? That being said, I would like my own camp as well. Call it the "who really gives a fuck, but it's funny as hell" camp."

Regarding your own camp Moses you are right nobody gives a fuck that you are stuck alone in your own monastery and it is a funny as hell camp.
Okay Bosox, Iíve come full circle. Iím with Moses on this one. Iíve decided to give you your own camp, and I do agree you do think for yourself...most the time. But you do jump on the Freightman bandwagon way too often. This is something youíll need to work on if you want to keep your camp.

One thing I respect about you is that youíve never asked for me to be banned or censored, like Mickey and his camp. You just call me a lowlife and a couple other not so nice names, but Iím good with that. Itís what you think. Canít blame someone for thinking, right?

As for me, I donít have a camp. Iím a lone wolf, mostly being attacked by all camps, those on the right, the left, and in the middle. About my only supporter - and itís only sometimes - is Moses. But hey, when youíre a lone wolf, Iíll take it.

So I hope this settles the camp discussion once and for all. You win, you got your camp. Good job!