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    Quick question. I pinned down my locales for a July/August trip, but I have one night unaccounted for and was considering the Rio. When I check the site, however, the Rio lists free WiFi as available in the lobby. What does that mean? WiFi is generally included in the resort fee, right? So does that mean WiFi isn't available in all rooms? I haven't stayed in the Rio for a couple of years, but I always liked the rooms as work environments with the desk next to the big windows. Whatever the Rio's drawbacks, the rooms were at the top of my list as good places to get work done.

    If anyone has stayed at the Rio recently, let me know their WiFi deal.

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    I've stayed there several times in the last year, and never noticed any issues with the wifi in the room.

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    Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post
    I've stayed there several times in the last year, and never noticed any issues with the wifi in the room.
    Thx, Guy. I prefer to check with people before calling the property. In the last few years, I've had a Red Roof Inn, a casino, and a Quality Inn swear over the phone that their WiFi was fine, and then when I arrived within a day or two, it was down for the count. I actually missed a chance to meet mickey crimm on the road last year when a hotel in Albuquerque had their WiFi down. We have a phone with a hot spot, but -- LOL - I don't take it on the road.

    I'll plug in the Rio for that night. Thanks again.

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    I stayed there in December. Just one night. No Wi-Fi problems. It was a comped room and they didn't charge a resort fee. And no charge for parking. I'd do it again.

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    Thanks. I'm going to plug them in.

    Quite a few years ago, the manager at the Rio was one of the few CET managers who was willing to spell out CET's opaque rules and regs regarding sports betting limits, which it turned out were tiered, based on both the profile (action total) of the college game and the status of the CET player. In other words, people who had already donated and had higher status were given higher limits. You really could not get a straight answer at the time if you walked up to the counter and asked, "What are your college football limits?" or "What are your NFL limits?"

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