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Thread: Sweating Todd at the WSOP.

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    If you like buying pieces of players in the tournaments then here is one site it's done on:
    Keystone is a mental midget.

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    Originally Posted by accountinquestion View Post
    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    I mostly play the WSOP for fun. I don't play many tournaments outside of the WSOP, so I'm a little rusty every year when I come in, but I quickly get back into the mindset.

    I'm much more of a cash player.

    I really play for the excitement of running deep and maybe winning another bracelet or hitting a big score.

    Gotta admit, it started really getting exciting when I passed the final 150 mark in both 2010 and 2019. You start wondering "What if I start running hot now?" and picture yourself winning 10 million and going down in history as the Main Event champion.

    I do not sell pieces of the Main, nor do I swap, nor do I buy pieces of others.

    I own 100% of me, 0% of everyone else.

    I do sell off other events, though.

    However, I also won't sell pieces of events under $1000, because those are too small for me to want to start splitting up the prize money (nor is the risk/variance very high for such events, compared to my bankroll).
    I find the "buying a piece" concept kind of interesting. We have this in blackjack with some of the bigger teams selling pieces in the form of investors who invest in the bankroll, but don't play and then own a piece of the profits that the team earns. The big difference is in blackjack unlike the WSoP, there is no public scoreboard and posting of results, so team, team members and investors are on the honor system. The investor has no way to check that the team and/or players won or lost what they say.

    And with all the top blackjack teams trust is always the factor that does them in. Even if no one is cheating or skimming off the top, just a general negative run, completely within the parameters of "normal" variance can quickly turn longtime team members and friends against each other. It is the ugly side of human nature. This is why with one exception, my brother, I have always declined any kind of team play. And while I have never really had the opportunity to be an investor, I wouldn't want any part of it with blackjack play. Now if there was a public scoreboard, with public results like poker....that would be a different animal. A way to spread the risk and win opportunity around.
    There are other angles that even a scoreboard won't fix. I could sell 250% of myself at 50% markup, then tank in the tournament and walk away with more than a guaranteed min-cash. I don't think this sort of thing happens very often, but given the right situation and network/player it can.

    Sounds like the movie "The Producers."

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    Eskimo Clark was famous for overselling himself.
    Keystone is a mental midget.

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