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Thread: Nathan's Corner! :D

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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Originally Posted by MaxPen View Post
    Guinea pig up bitches......

    Boosters 4 Life
    I seen some country halted boosters in children because they were having many health issues.
    I see no reason to get the shot till its a one and done scenario.
    No Covid in my household for about 2 years now.
    And I've been in the Casinos non-stop since they reopened.
    So I have a hard time believing that the virus can "fill up a room" because if that were true, I would of had it many times over by now.
    We have had some Corona though.
    Yum Sing or as some of you might say... Cheers!
    They should just call it Russian Vax Roulette. The winners go about their business while the losers get deathly ill, stroke out, and die. How many boosters can you absorb? Have fun spinning the shot cylinder. Fuckin' idiots.

    I have a 100% chance of not having a vax reaction or getting ADE by not taking the shot and a 99.8% chance of surviving Covid if I get it. I will take those odds any day.

    Most of the people getting Covid today are the vaxxed due to weakened immune systems and the people who just haven't had it yet. The only people I personally know that got it twice are vaxxed. Just wait until the cancers start in 3-5 years. If people survive the boosters that long.

    I really feel for people that can't see what is happening. There's a place in Ireland right now with a 99.7% vax rate and 0.4% of the population currently has Covid.

    Hopefully the people responsible for this human tragedy get the karma they deserve.....RIP
    Please help Mickey "Half Ball" Crimm find his other ball and a half....RIP

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    Black Santa now at Disneyland so you might expect more of this...
    "I'm gettin' ready to go to jail tonight"

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