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Thread: Nathan's Corner! :D

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    Originally Posted by Tasha View Post
    I wonder if Keystone is Poker Grinder.... Hmm.
    No he is not, for some reason Mickey has a soft spot for you.

    But if he understood the scamming troll catfisher you were, he might think differently.

    Or he totally understands it because he is a smart dude and feels bad for someone like you.

    Either way, you are fucking with everyone here and you either enjoy it or just too stupid to understand it.

    Proof positive that broken homes never end up well.

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    I am such a screw up when it comes to Macy's gift cards! LMAO! I accidentally claimed two years ago that Gulfstream Park was giving guaranteed $100 Macy's gift cards for $500 coin in. In actuality, there was only ONE Macy's gift card in a box. Most boxes only had a candle. I got a Macy's gift card from Wizard Of Nothing and I waited TWO months to finally try to use it. It had already been used up by the time I attempted to use it. I laid into WON, accusing him of giving me a bad card and he had no idea what I was talking about. Turns out some random unknown stranger found the physical card after he had sent me the card numbers to me online and went on a shopping spree with it. Oops on my part. Seriously, I shouldn't have waited two months. And , today, I ended up screwing up with Macy's gift card again. I bought a Macy's gift card to give it to an acquaintance of mine online and I accidentally gave him the wrong numbers and when he pointed out that some numbers were missing, I tried to take a picture of the card, but the card ended up falling behind a stuck fixture. Yikes. I'm a screw up when it comes to Macy's gift cards!

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    Speaking of gift cards, if you had to choose between Amazon or Starbucks gift cards, which would you choose? I have an acquaintance who likes both of them. I personally think that Amazon beats Starbucks if I had to choose between them, but to each their own.

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