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Thread: Pro Sports Bettor Hassled Everywhere He Goes

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    Thanks for the article, Half Smoke. I would probably have missed it, and it's a good one. This tells you that you should keep your offshore options open, obviously. Just a couple of things I'd like to add:

    1) Here's a funny one. I was told that Betfair was audited once, with about two million accounts, and fewer than 20 had six digit profits. So, in their magnanimity, they began charging percentage fees to those people who had made money. LOL.
    2) Offshores and now legal state books are going to track and data mine you in perpetuity. The only way (and it's not that hard to do) to avoid being X-rayed is to embed your actual plays in an ocean of middle shots at various books. So now shopping and timing the camouflage becomes as or more important than your actual plays. You need both skill sets.
    3) Some offshores ban you with limits, so they can say they never ban anyone. Others will tolerate winning because they're interested in piggybacking you. I've had some places limit my futures to something ridiculous without banning me. I think I tried to bet Sergio Garcia to win a golf tournament one place a decade ago, and I was able to get $1.30 down or something like that. Other offshores will bend over backwards for you, however, because they want to see what you're doing, and they have far more resources than you do.
    4) With many in-game and first quarter and other options available, books are relying on simple programs to generate numbers. They are hoping the higher edge (usually -115) and volume papers over the weakness in the numbers. So there are bettors who are going to be able to beat these options going forward, and they don't have to necessarily be geniuses to do it.

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