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Thread: Winning big on someone else's Player's card?

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    There is a similar thread where the OP talked
    about winning on his OWN card, but this thread is the opposite.

    On YouTube, a guy won $2500 on his MOTHER'S free play and mentioned sweating bullets, but they paid him no questions asked. In comments, it was mentioned that a woman got all her free play permeanantly terminated after her husband won $350 in cash on her free play(I would have assumed that $350 wouldn't be a problem since it's not a taxable handpay. $1350 would have made a lot of sense however, also lots of Casinos allow husband and wife to play and collect on each other's cards, and at least one woman claimed that her husband who was a high roller was allowed to let her use his free play and collect cash she won., he died and she was still able to use free play he had earned right before his death, no questions asked.

    Many comments something like,"When I get a Handpay on someone else's freeplay, I just quickly pull out the other person's card and insert my own card before they come and I don't get any problems being paid." Zcore on WOV works in a Casino and mentioned something like they know when a card is pulled when a Jackpot hits.

    IIRC, at least one person mentioned that someone who won a Jackpot using someone else's freeplay was permanently banned and the money was held for the rightful PC Member.

    Other posters mentioned that Casinos care about who was playing, not the Player's Card in the machine(It was mentioned that there are lots of people who accidentally leave cards in machines and people blindly play without looking at the Player's screen, and it would be really bad to call the person whose name is on the card to come collect a Jackpot that someone won using their own money. That would get ugly right off the bat.

    To clarify, I mean lets say that I, Tasha, put money into a machine and don't look at the machine. I win $5,000 on a lucky spin. But it turns out someone named Nathan, left their card in the machine and I didn't know it until the big spin. The Casino claims they pay the name on the PC and not the person who was actually playing. They call Nathan and Nathan comes over from their house and is told that Nathan is rightfully the owner because Nathan's card was in the machine. All hell would break loose right then and there from me) luckily most if not all Casinos award the player and not the person on the Player's Card.

    It was mentioned that a guy accidentally played with someone else's card in the machine and that particular Casino's policy was to award the PC Member and not the Player. He cussed the Casino Staff out and they did a heated back and forth for like 4 hours before they finally caved in and paid him the Jackpot(They in theory would rather just pay the guy than risk him going to the TV Stations l, Lawyers, and blasting them on Social Media for not giving him money he won and them getting bad publicity)

    So, how does your Casinos handle stuff like winning big on another person's Player's Card?
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    Not a problem at most casinos the first time.

    Some don't care at all moving forward, case in point, South Point.

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