Caesars outsources most of their reservations staff to the Philippines. These employees are given a very limited set of tools and are NOT empowered to make even the slightest exception. They will lie and claim they have the same access as their US counterparts, but they don't.

In the past, you could ask to be transferred to the US. Now they cannot transfer you anymore.

This can be infuriating for many reasons.

If the Philippines cannot resolve your concern, they tell you to call the property and ask for a casino host. This also does not typically help, as hosts are not good with hotel issues, and will typically only help those with heavy mid-high-limit recent play. Furthermore, sometimes the hosts will "fix" your hotel problem by simply applying your own RCs to the situation, or using comps they would have otherwise given you for something else! As a rule, you should always avoid having hosts fix hotel issues.

Anyway, there is a new EASY way to reach a US rep at Caesars properties -- at least in Vegas. I haven't tried this for other markets yet.

Get the LOCAL phone number for the property in question. This can usually be found by googling it with the area code. For example, google "Harrah's Las Vegas (702)".

Call the local number. Ask for US-based guest services. In most cases, the (always US-based) operator answering will also be a guest services rep! In the rare case it isn't, he/she will transfer you to US-based guest services. This person will also be able to handle all reservations, including new reservations.

Simple, right?

This is a 2019 change. Prior to this, calling the local property would get you an operator who could only transfer you elsewhere. Now it seems the operator and guest services jobs have been combined in the US, at least for Las Vegas properties.